Friends of the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institution Society

“Supporting a culture of kindness and respect to all living beings.”


GEBIS provides a welcoming place for people who have confidence in the fundamental goodness and compassion of humanity and the power of that goodness to shift the social and environmental dynamics of our planet.

Becoming a part of GEBIS’s steps to happiness and enlightenment is an invitation and opportunity to participate in creating a fulfilling, positive, enlightened and happy society. It means being part of a diverse community of people who practice kindness as a path to contentment, joy, peace and happiness in everyday life. It is open to anyone from any background, culture, faith or walk of life. All are welcome!


Everyone is welcome to attend community events and programs at the GEBIS Buddhist centre in Charlottetown. There is no requirement to participate in public events or classes, though advanced classed do have prerequisites. Monthly meditation sessions, Happy Course classes and other activities are available without charge.

We also invite you to visit our Facebook page to learn more about GEBIS Charlottetown, A Buddhist Centre, as well as GEBIS’s website.

(Please feel free to fill in the online information form https://goo.gl/forms/W582uholK5yeNuNa2 to receive email notices and activities at the Centre.)


GEBIS helps support your practice and strengthen your understanding of happiness tools in many ways.

For anyone interested in the GEBIS programs, there is access to open houses at the Centre, community programs, notifications of public events or GEBIS publications.

Once you’re comfortable and would like to explore the next step in the process learning about Buddhism, there is the Happy Course, a six-week introduction to Buddhism philosophy.

As a result, you will have access to invitations to select Buddhist teachings and ceremonies at the Buddhist Monastery in Little Sands. As well, you will be invited to volunteer and engage the GEBIS Community Outreach Programs and experience the joy and merit of helping others.

The wonderful result of these gatherings will be meeting friendly, like-minded people and creating a sense of community. You will also have access to any public events and community programs as well as access to any new GEBIS publications through the Centre’s library resources that includes books and DVDs. The Monastery also will invite you to participate in their Talks & Tours in Little Sands.

For anyone who has taken the advanced classes like the Lamrim Class, it is obvious the commitment to the teachings is more serious. For those people, retreats and ceremonies at the monastery are part of the teachings. As well invitations to special teachings given by honorary Buddhist masters at the monastery, Talks & Tours, special retreats and training programs and personal instruction with a qualified and experienced Buddhist instructor are the next step in learning about Buddhism.

If you don’t live on the Island but still want to participate in the teachings, no problem. We support online courses by connecting via Zoom, an interactive, secure web-friendly site.

For more information about tapping into online classes and becoming a friend of GEBIS, please contact Laura Florian at gebis.centre@gmail.com.