The Christmas Stocking Project

It all began when a young student monk noticed a big bundle of red fabric in the corner of a storage house at the monastery.

“Hmm, what can we use this for?”. Soon, a spark of inspiration came upon him What about some Christmas stockings for people in our community? He ran to a Venerable in excitement, and passionately spoke of his idea.“… Just picture the faces of the people who will receive them!”.

The Venerable posted this idea on Facebook to find out how much the idea appealed to the friends and neighbors around us. Many of them were excited. They even helped us think of potential gifts we could put in these stockings, and potential recipients too.

Soon, the Christmas Stockings  Project went in full swing.

Young monks gathered with their friends and classmates after classes, and got right to work. From making  patterns, to cutting fabric, to knitting – they really put their craftsmanship and creativity to the test. One by one, 150 Christmas stockings came into being.

Some Venerables invited our Islander friends over the internet to join us in preparing gifts to go in these stockings. It did not take long at all for many beautiful items to flood in from our loving friends and neighbors. For this, we are deeply grateful. Some of these gifts were delicately made and packed. It was clear that behind each and every one of these gifts, was an Islander’s kind and inspiring heart. With all of the stockings packed full of everyone’s (yours too!) care and warm wishes, these Christmas stockings were sent on their way. Indeed, what joy it was to witness the smiles of everyone who received them,  from children to elders!

Time and again, we realize that no matter what part of the world we come from, there is a language that we can all speak and understand, and that is the spirit that is very much alive in jolly Saint Nicholas himself – giving and kindness.