Sharing Corn, Sharing Happiness

We were blessed with a great harvest of organic corn in 2017, so we decided to share it with everyone as a way of saying thanks to our friends and all of the Islanders. Though the day of the event began with a cold rain, after some waiting and praying, the rain stopped and the sun emerged from behind the clouds. Around 400 people came that day, among them, many children and families. As people helped themselves to the corn, we offered them refreshments. Waterbird whistles were also given to the kids as souvenirs.

In a great spirit of sharing, many people came just to pick corn for others, keeping none for themselves! Some picked corn for their friends, neighbours, professors, classmates or the seniors. Some also picked corn to donate to the food banks. One grandmother brought her 10-year-old grandson to teach him a lesson. She said once we have enough for ourselves, we must think of sharing with other people. She said she would buy food for those in need at Christmas time instead of giving gifts.

Sharing is really one of the greatest things in life. While it does not have to take a lot to of effort share something with others, it surely brings a lot of joy and beauty into our lives!