Roadside Clean-up

One day a neighbour told a monk at GEBIS that PEI has an annual Roadside Cleanup, organized by the Prince Edward Island Women’s Institute. We were delighted to hear about this big event to make our beautiful island even lovelier, and so decided to take a part in the effort. Protecting our environment and giving back to the community are surely interests that we all have in common. Therefore, attending Roadside Cleanup has been one of our most important annual events since 2015.

At times, they paused to think, how many other individuals, families, and organizations must be out all over the island, working together to keep PEI clean and well? It was a marvelous event held by the Women’s Institute in protecting the environment. We were very happy we could take a small part in this great act of goodness with all the Islanders.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this great effort, and to the Women’s Institute for running this campaign for so many years!