Atlantic Green Expo

In the spring of 2017,  GEBIS participated in the first Atlantic Canada Green Expo held at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown.

The expo was a great opportunity for people to educate themselves on living a greener lifestyle while stressing the importance of our collective need to address global climate change while sharing innovative ideas on how to make eco-conscious choices and purchases.

Over the three-day event in April, the GEBIS exhibit displayed material on the harmful effects of plastic use and where it has brought our world today. The display also illustrated what choices we can make today for a positive change in the future.

Monks from the monastery, along with 15 local GEBIS volunteers greeted Expo participants to help spread awareness and offer tips to reduce plastic use in our daily lives.

Pictures of previous beach clean-ups by monks, volunteers and local community members were on display as well. It was a perfect example of how much we can do to help clean up our oceans and work together to prevent further harm.

Enthusiastic visitors and children were delighted to see alternatives to plastic items in the form of food wrap, storage containers and utensils, all made from biodegradable, plant based material. A “Plastic Challenge” card was given to visitors to take home as a way to set personal goals and reduce their use of plastic bags and consider re-usable bags instead.